Hello folks, I am back! This weekend I had trekked down to Limerick to be part of Brocon’s Artist Alley, and to be honest the convention did not live up to my expectations.

As someone who has travelled up and down the country in the past couple of weeks, on a variety of buses and trains to stay at hostels and the like, I normally anticipate that my earnings at each convention alley would at least cover all those expenses and make back some production costs (prints, badges, comics, etc).

Not this time however – Brocon is still a young convention that sadly is a rather disorganised affair, and there were plenty of missed opportunities. The Alley layout was confusing and untidy with no balance to properly showcase all of the artists and craftspersons works there, and some management or discipline is needed to keep guests out of the Trade Hall as we were setting up our tables. On asking for information about opening/closing hours we got some unusual and conflicting answers. At the very least, we gave our feedback about the Alley arrangements, but I highly doubt I’ll be back at Brocon next year.

Grievances aside, my friends and I got to see the hugely enjoyable Pacific Rim on Sunday evening! If I can get proper references, I might be inclined to draw some fan art…

Also, coming next to The Cool Bean: another comic review, this time on Button Press Publications The Wren!

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