There is at least one video game or video game console everyone has enjoyed at some time of their lives (and I am no different). And for each popular title or series, they in turn have gotten spinoffs in many mediums, from modestly successful comic books and (often animated) television shows, and ‘harder to crack’ formats such as the silver screen.

But here’s an idea: why not bring video game narratives to another new medium? And what if that medium… was theatre? 


A very brave but talented group, based all around Ireland, are tackling this question head-on under the moniker Tantalus, named after the roguish theatre group in the fantastic role playing game Final Fantasy IX. Tantalus is the brainchild of Conor ‘Koshi’ Lennon, who has had classical training as a voice actor since the age of 12. He has trained in sound production, and who also is part of several anime and gaming conventions nationwide being a committee member, staffer or a guest.

Now his task is a mammoth one, namely to adapt a game (or part of it) into a theatre set, and leading his crew to make it all happen. Lennon himself is the Creative Director, and so far his main staff members are (at request, they are referred to informally) Áine the producer, Ciaran the photographer, and also Demily and Katie in the Costume Department. Together, they have hosted panels and talks at major conventions around the country this year, and are steadily attracting a big following.
A happy crowd at one of Tantalus’ workshops, source:

And what’s on the horizon for Tantalus? The group are planning to host a part show/part workshop at the upcoming Nom Con, a yet to be announced show at Eirtakon, and a confirmed show in January 2014 – what game will be adapted by that date? It’s a secret for now, but here’s a clue: it concerns law and order.

Tantalus’ next planned appearances are at Nom Con and Eirtakon, so keep your eyes peeled for this lot! You can follow their progress at their official Facebook page and their Twitter!

Tantalus Ireland Facebook
Tantalus Ireland Twitter


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