There are many webcomics out there that don’t really fit the mould of a-page-a-day epic stories. (A couple of examples being – again, going to give you some Irish examples because wahey, they could be ones you might not have heard of! – my personal favourite Between Worlds by Anna Fitzpatrick, and Faraday The Blob by Alan Ryan.) Some are more autobiographical, and found in varying degrees of presentation, such as Boulet Corp.  Others are more experimental and touch the realm of mixed media, such as Andy Luke’s own website, found here.


Andy Luke is a frequent contributor to Irish comics, having dipped his toe into writing articles, creating 24 hour comics and anthology work, and being involved in Belfast’s yearly convention Titancon.

As Luke describes himself as ‘a writer who draws’, the main focus of his blog is short stories and mini comics. I can describe his style of writing as bursts of really strong earthy concepts, and his artwork matches in while it’s sequential and rather loosely detailed, it’s more akin to note taking and getting a visual idea jotted down as opposed to elaborate layouts. One of Luke’s comics, a 24 hour comic describing epilepsy and health concerns called Absence (pictured above),  has since been redrawn by Stephen Downey, whose work appears in recent Atomic Diner comics such as Jennifer Wilde. There are several other (admittedly bizarre but funny) one shot comics on the blog as well, such as ‘Dream of Mad Men‘ and ‘Bonfire Harm Done To Shrubbery‘ which are worth checking out too.

It does take quite a lot of digging about to find Luke’s available works, as many of his pages of art (under Comiclets) are hosted on several other blogs that might not display them as nicely as they ought to (and some are broken links), but all of his articles can be found handily enough (under Columns). If Luke’s comic pages was tied to his blog just as neatly, future readers can find them easily enough to enjoy. Other than that, Luke keeps a very creative, but deeply personal blog,  but will require some hunting through its archives to find little gems of rough and ready comics.

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