The colourful cast of Pantheon (© S. J. Moloney, 2014)
The colourful cast of Pantheon (artwork and characters © S. J. Moloney, 2014)

From her family home Takamagahara, the Japanese sun deity Amaterasu often drops into mortal life, keeping an eye on her people. In the case of her prominent cat ears, she likes to pick up on fashionable mortal trends too. However, her curiosity of the world is piqued when she encounters the Irish pirate Grace O’Malley (yes, that one) casually strolling the streets of Tokyo.  After Grace informs the naive goddess about the different regions of the neighbouring Underworld (just before surviving a standoff with Amaterasu’s aggressive and xenophobic brother Tsukiyomi) and convinces her to go visit them, Amaterasu sets off on her own travels to meet other deities from different Pantheons. Hence the title of this new webcomic by creator S. J. Moloney.

The first issue of Pantheon is already online, and at first glance it’s looking to be a gripping comic with mysteries to unravel and an epic cast of characters to encounter. Moloney’s artwork is clear and bright, and the writing gives the impression that the reader is in for the long haul, but in the best way. Pantheon is a must-read for history and mythology aficionados, and for everyone else it’ll be hugely entertaining. Keep your eyes peeled!

You can read Pantheon here at and follow updates at its Facebook page here!

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