Hello folks, I wanted to just get back in touch with everyone following the website and probably wondering why it’s been quiet for about a month now. Good news is that I haven’t abandoned it altogether, but there’s a few tidbits that are worthy of mention:

  • Things Happened is on hiatus until further notice. That’s because I’m currently working on a full colour project for Atomic Diner, namely a brand new Jennifer Wilde comic with writer Maura McHugh! It’s due to be released this summer online along with a batch of other Atomic Diner IPs by various creators so please keep an eye out for that!
Jennifer Wilde (art: Leeann Hamilton)
Jennifer Wilde (art: Leeann Hamilton)
  • Also my dear friend Anthea West (creator of The Earthbound God) is running a Fundit campaign to publish an artbook in time for MCM Dublin and needs your help to make that happen! The campaign can be found here.
  • In minor news, I’ve made my Gallery page open to the public. I’ll be keeping random digital paintings and sketches there as a sort of permanent online portfolio. The Cool Bean’s logo and look is also due an update when my workload is completely clear!

Ciao for now!

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