I’ll be a Judge at Dublin GameCraft this weekend! If you don’t know what that is, Gamecraft is a 24 hour overnight game creation event. The rules are that you program a playable game from scratch in those 24 hours, with graphics, sound effects and coding.

From the page itself (original post by Pegbar):

It takes place on the 17th of May from 12noon until 18th of May 2pm in DIT Aunguer Street.

There is a 10 Euro entry fee and (nice) food and tea/coffee available through the day. They’re specially reaching out because there is generally a lot of developer folks but not that many artist folks, so if you’re interested in being a games artist you would be very welcome.

If you would still like to enter the Gamecraft (which closes in a matter of hours at the time of writing) you can do so by buying a ticket here http://dublingamecraft.com/events/dublin-gamecraft-5-2-years-of-jams-dit/ or follow their Facebook page for details on their next event!



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