Display and table.
Display and table.

After my visit there last year, it was inevitable that I would finally get my own table (as shared with the ever-fantastic Anthea West) at Dublin International Comic Expo (aka D.I.C.E.) this time around, with the debut of Kitteenies in print form!

Each copy of Kitteenies came with a Kitteenie-style sketch – initially I planned to have drawings of the characters, but instead I offered to draw the pets of the wonderful customers who dropped by and bought a copy. There were cats, dogs and a bunny in the mix!

Again, D.I.C.E. has been a great venue and comic sales were mostly positive, making D.I.C.E. the best convention of the year thus far. A very grateful thanks to the staff at The Big Bang in Dundrum for making this happen! (And on that note I believe that copies of Finn & Fish will be soon appearing there too…)

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