Undertale Print
Undertale Print

Hello folks! I really should be updating The Cool Bean more often… anyhoo, I come bearing news!

Kitteenies sold out at both Akumakon and Kaizokucon, which makes for a very positive outlook for the little comic that started as an experiment of cute appeal. And, if you’re following me on Hitbox, you can see I have been streaming process videos as of late, including the super long Undertale fanart I completed. It was made available as a print at Kaizokucon, and it ALSO completely sold out!! To those who kindly stopped by my table and bought a comic or a print, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To make Kitteenies and art prints more available in-between conventions (and to folks who can’t reach me for a copy), I’ve finally created an Etsy store, where you can directly buy products from me! Find my stuff here at http://etsy.com/shop/peannluiartandcomics I’ll be hopefully updating the store soon with more products. Please watch this space!


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