During the past few months, I’ve been collaborating with Stuart Gipp (creator of the NSFW Overfiend Comics) on his YouTube series Stuart Gipp in Video World. (The whole show is a pun on the old platform game Alex Kidd in Miracle World, in case you haven’t guessed yet.) Each episode is themed around Gipp’s analysis of video gaming. This includes a focus on various games, an obligatory Top 5 of X Things that Concern Y, and often interspersed with very funny animated sequences.

But there’s also think pieces on obscure and not-so-perfect games that would be lost to time, and internet heckling if not for Gipp’s balanced coverage. (Episode 5, ‘Lower Your Standards’, explains this very clearly.) The series is in its second season and has released its ninth episode, which was a treat for me to contribute to. I’ve been creating the preview cards for each episode, and start to be fully included into the show from episode six onward.

If you tire of Let’s Players shrieking at the screen, but are itching for more level headed but hilarious gaming shows, look no further.

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