NYCC happened, Octocon happened, and the final Eirtakon happened. This month has been a whirlwind of activity.

NYCC (and indeed, the city itself) was immense, awesome and stimulating. I got a signed sketchbook from Kim Jung Gi, of which I filmed him drawing into my copy of his newest sketchbook! It’d only been Thursday and my weekend was already made.

I’d also met some fantastic creators and networked with creative people at the Creator After Con Network. It was a pleasure meeting Buddy Scalera of Comic Book School (thank you for signing my copy of the new Pose book) who was a speaker, and also meeting the networking event organiser, J. Jacob Barker!

Soooo not only was I on the European Invasion panel on the Saturday, but I also did a small podcast interview with Adrian King of Adrian Has Issues! It was awesome meeting him, and enriched my experience at the convention. Many warm thanks to Stephen Mooney for giving myself and my convention loot a place to rest, as well as Jerry’s Art Outlet for a load of free pens! Inktober was a well-stocked challenge as a result, of which you can buy/download my Inktober artbook here on Sellfy.

Octocon was once again a cosy place to come back to. I was on several panels over the weekend and it came and went like the breeze. But as I’d only returned from New York days before, I went back into a coma(!) for a while, hence as to how quiet it was here on the website. (sorry!) However I’ve been chipping at the sample comic I’d posted from last time, and fingers crossed it’ll be finished and printed early next year.

Eirtakon bowed out with a generous bang, and while it’s sad to see it go after 12 years on the anime scene, it launched other conventions in its wake, and increased in size and quality with every passing year. I was so grateful for being there this year, and to see it all the way through.

This is very short on timing, but I’ve chucked at least four pieces of Undertale art for this Kickstarter! Ending very soon, all for a great cause!

NEW NEWS THOUGH: I’ve bit the bullet and started MY VERY OWN PATREON PAGE. I’m not demanding much, but I’ve genuinely decided that in order to support myself and my future work, I would need a small but stable income for my work. Creative incomes waxes and wanes, but there’s comics to be printed and to build a future for myself. Please chip in if you can, or share the link to my Patreon if you can’t. Either way, you’re brilliant. Thank you.


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