Here’s hoping we all started 2017 on a high note – what are your ambitions for the new year?

If you adore comics and want to create them as a (small, self published, soulfully enriching) living, I’m delighted to announce that Pulse College in Dublin are starting a Sequential Art and Design course on January 31st, with an aim to help create a portfolio aimed towards storyboarding and comic book illustration careers. This class is tucked into the animation category on Pulse College’s website.

And, because of my experience *ahem* I’d also like to announce that I’ll be one of the lecturers! I will be covering topics of character design during one of the weeks, and will guide you through designing for comics among bizillions of aesthetic notes. (Perhaps.)

Pulse College will also host an open night on January 14th so you can have a look at the facilities for yourself. See you there!

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