New content!

I’m drawing an Eternal Champions Comic!

Spring Clean, Ahoy

That’s a bit better.

End of Year Roundup

I’ve been ignoring The Cool Bean for a while. Apologies, first of all. I was busy with conventions and drawing Panacean #2.  You can buy Panacean #1 HERE on Comixology! And please check out Oddlight’s website, we’d love to hear your feedback.  My work on a short Countess Markiewicz biographical comic can be read and […]

Going to Celtic Con

See you there?

The Argonette: Open to the Public!

One HUGE new update under the Comics! tab – ten full colour pages of The Argonette are free to read online! This is a restricted project that you can see the works in progress and development of over on my Patreon. Patrons could see pencils and colour development (and discuss some secret twists and turns) […]

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