2D Festival Aftermath

Hello everyone – I returned home from 2D Festival in Derry just yesterday! After giving myself a chance to recover, I can briefly report that I had a wonderful time, and I’ve won over some new Finn and Fish readers Read More …

Review: The Earthbound God

As a pre-teen, I got my first taste of the fantasy genre trilogy after a long lasting introduction to Michael Scott’s Windlord series. The story of regular teenagers arriving into a Middle Earth version of the Tuatha De Danann (from Read More …

New Sketchbook for sale! (Dustbunny Studios)

My friend Anthea is selling a sketchbook! More details here!

Almost two weeks to go until 2D Festival

If you’re in an early mood for new comics, pop over to Dustbunny Studios and help my friend fund the reprint for The Earthbound God, will you? There’s lovely prints and art for sale and she is also offering commissions! Read More …

Minor Site Update

Please check out the new pages just under the header! I’m also going to make a Gallery soon, and will start posting webcomic previews of Things Happened soon! Meanwhile, have some Merchandise and Contact pages.