How Does A WHOLE Coach Smell Of Scalp: A Review Of Finn & Fish (The Wash Cycle)

I might have harped on in a wide variety of earlier posts (hell, last year’s posts at this rate) about dipping into Irish mythology for comic book inspiration, and how in my addictive and virulent opinion the market has seen some hits, misses and sometimes reaching the epitome of The ‘Meh’ Zenith. I am not linking back […]

Review: Celtic Knights

Superhero stories that shoehorn Ireland, or Irish themed heroes, into their list of tropes can get a bit problematic and oversaturated. Only a few titles can pull this off well, like Celtic Clan and its knowing silly wink towards Saturday morning cartoons, and The Wren, which sets a great stylistic tone and intrinsically knows the popular […]

Review: Big Bastard #3

Big Bastard is still flying a relatively rare flag in Irish comics: a full colour story with an eye towards good presentation and production values. The release dates between each issue are still unsteady (as with much of the market, a lot of printing comes from our pockets) but the quality is hopping from strength to […]

Review: Lightning Strike #4

As part of their new reprinting move (Lightning Strike #1 and #2 now come in slightly smaller paperback editions, a more pleasant presentation than the bulky saddle bound ‘cartridge’ paper version of #2 I picked up over a year ago), the fourth anthology from the team at Lightning Strike Comics is in a smaller saddle bound format, […]

Review: Leap #0

When it comes to deciding on what new titles I want to pick up or purchase – the latter being a bigger deciding factor as I have recently started to watch what I spend – I usually gravitate towards science fiction and fantasy stories. As much as I love, say, the Discworld series by Terry […]

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