Review: Koré

You might have heard of Anna Fitzpatrick within a few comic circles around Ireland and the UK, mainly for her long-running and gorgeous webcomic Between Worlds which I have linked to on the left hand column. (If you haven’t read it yet, I HUGELY recommend you do. Like, right now.) Fitzpatrick has a certain theme running […]

Review: Lone Star Soul

Here’s another interesting addition to the current Irish comics market – Lone Star State, a transmedia company based in Donegal, have won a few business awards in Letterkenny in relation to their current product here. The company have released a comic series, Lone Star Soul, which is available in both print and app formats and has […]

Review: Sancho – The Death & Life of José Maria Garcia

A thing I do remember about my first exposure to the Sancho series was that I found it back in 2005 – I’d already gotten my art printed in a comics anthology called Havoc 21, and I’d gotten my first taste of comic book conventions, from small dealer halls to Eirtakon’s earlier starts on its original grounds of […]

Review: Big Bastard #1

This is an overdue one: when I was faffing about at D.I.C.E. last month, I came across Big Bastard at one of the indie tables at the side entrance to the convention. I’d heard the name being sparingly mentioned on the regular comic vines until its debut that very weekend – and instantly impressed by […]

Review: Blackstar #1

It’s been awhile since my last review, and the latest comic to drop into my Inbox is a superhero title written by Mike Lynch (whom I’ve mentioned in my previous reviews of Lightning Strike #3 and Artos) which goes by the name of Blackstar, and is printed by Abandoned Comics. It’s a story of a kid […]

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