New comic: Kitteenies!

Kitteenies is the newest title from The Cool Bean! It is a full colour 12 page comic featuring the adventures of three little kittens! You can buy it immediately from Sellfy right now! Kitteenies on Sellfy

Review: Celtic Knights

Superhero stories that shoehorn Ireland, or Irish themed heroes, into their list of tropes can get a bit problematic and oversaturated. Only a few titles can pull this off well, like Celtic Clan and its knowing silly wink towards Saturday morning Read More …

Review: Big Bastard #3

Big Bastard is still flying a relatively rare flag in Irish comics: a full colour story with an eye towards good presentation and production values. The release dates between each issue are still unsteady (as with much of the market, a Read More …

Review: Lightning Strike #4

As part of their new reprinting move (Lightning Strike #1 and #2 now come in slightly smaller paperback editions, a more pleasant presentation than the bulky saddle bound ‘cartridge’ paper version of #2 I picked up over a year ago), the fourth Read More …

Preview: Kitteenies

Kitteenies is a new short all ages comic I hope to release for D.I.C.E! Here’s page one, as the final comic is only eight pages long!