Preview: Kitteenies

Kitteenies is a new short all ages comic I hope to release for D.I.C.E! Here’s page one, as the final comic is only eight pages long!

Feature: Jørund

Jørund (a free 16 page online preview after the link) is an upcoming graphic novel project, that tells the story of the titular character and is set within the Viking era. He is mostly pacifistic and refuses to seek vengeance after his father is killed in mortal combat against a member of a rival clan, much to […]

Feature: Proud

A very short but striking comic, which you can read here:

Review: Pantheon

Webcomics are an odd beast to review – because of the mostly free platform of the internet, one can find a infinite variety of stories and quality, for better or worse. And since many are ongoing – often over many years – it’s often hard to define how much a webcomic creator will improve their […]

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