Happy New Year, and Lecturing at Pulse College

Here’s hoping we all started 2017 on a high note – what are your ambitions for the new year? If you adore comics and want to create them as a (small, self published, soulfully enriching) living, I’m delighted to announce that┬áPulse College in Dublin are starting a Sequential Art and Design course on January 31st, […]

Project G available NOW on Steam!

After several months of development, playtesting and other important duties, Project G is finally available to buy on Steam! This is the first PC game released by Nebula Interactive, and hopefully the start of many more from the studio. As lead artist I was in charge of many of the animations as well as concept […]

Project G: our Steam Greenlight page is go!

This is a very big project I’ve been working on intensely over the past few months, and now it’s finally made its first official appearance on Steam Greenlight – Project G is an underwater-themed shmup where I’ve been providing the visuals. Concept art, ship design, enemies, UI, you name it. All we need is your […]

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