After a long and active weekend selling art and comics with my friends, Arcadecon proved itself to be a very diverse and active convention! And I got to meet plenty of fine comic industry people again, as well as make my acquaintance with many talented artists in the traders hall.

After my Finn & Fish: The Wash Cycle books (in which I offered The Rinse Cycle #1 as a discounted price if it was bought with the tpb), my Earthbound print sold the best – I had plenty of visitors acknowledging the characters, and I had offered inked sketches too, which went well with buyers and they had returned for more.

Because I was so busy fulfilling sketch requests, I couldn’t fully join in on the drawing game(!) I often play with my other partners in crime Katie and Anthea, but the one we played at Q-Con can be found over on Dustbunny Studios where Anthea reports on our weekend in Belfast.

As a result, I came home with many prints, a Celtic Clan t-shirt (thank you Nigel!) and plenty of Irish comics to reference and review very soon.

Next stop: Brocon in Limerick, this weekend!

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