First of all, you might have noticed the new addition to my webcomics list on the right hand side there – Overfiend Comics (NSFW) is a random series of webcomics drawn in MS Paint by Stuart Gipp, and if you enjoy dark humour, drop on by! He’ll love you for it.

Secondly, I spent last weekend at Octocon, selling copies of Finn & Fish and talking on various panels. So thank you to all who came and listened, even though I came mostly unprepared I hope I imparted some useful news and information! Also my sincere apologies if you caught Richard K. Morgan gushing about Finn & Fish during the Sunday panels, he just really liked the books. In return, I bought a copy of Altered Carbon but I didn’t get time for him to sign it, whoops.

I’ll also be at the Red Line Book Festival this Friday evening where I’ll join Nick Roche and Stephen Mooney, discussing the fine art of creating comics. There’s still time to book a spot, and there’s a discount for students! See you there!

Also, on my to-review list:

  • Big Bastard
  • Sancho: The Death and Life of José Maria Garcia

Things Happened: Chapter One will hopefully start next week, or, due to an upcoming special event, exactly a week after that. Stay tuned!

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