Buying The Cool Bean Comics

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for Kitteenies and posting out issues to buyers, but in case you kind folks want to source out where to find my work, here’s a concise list of who and where to contact:

Forbidden Planet Dublin 

Sub City Comics Dublin 

ReRoll Games, Navan

Scarecrow Book And Gift Emporium 

OK Comics, Leeds 

Aaaand: directly from me! 

If you want to go this route, I accept PayPal as my main method of payment, at If you wish to pay me by other means, please email me directly. 

Kitteenies retails at €5 per issue, but buying them from me will get you a personalised signature. Finn & Fish: The Wash Cycle is still available at €10. Postage starts at €1.70. After the new year, I’m going to put up a price plan for commissioned original artwork, so please watch this space!

End of infodump, and happy holidays!