I’ve been ignoring The Cool Bean for a while. Apologies, first of all. I was busy with conventions and drawing Panacean #2. 

You can buy Panacean #1 HERE on Comixology! And please check out Oddlight’s website, we’d love to hear your feedback. 

My work on a short Countess Markiewicz biographical comic can be read and made available at Creative Centenaries. 

I also printed a Detroit: Become Human fanzine which can be bought from my Etsy.

I will be closing my Patreon before the end of December. If you’d like to continue supporting me and my work, you can throw a couple of coins (sometimes in exchange for a commission) at my Ko-Fi account

I’m still active on my social media outlets, so you might find more up to date commentary and art there. 

Hope you all are keeping well!

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