Pay What You Want on Gumroad, AND physical copies available!

Thanks to everyone who picked up a physical copy at Forbidden Planet Dublin yesterday! Copies are also available in ReRoll Games, Navan. Kitteenies: Luffly & Bee is so brand new off the press I haven’t even begun to drop copies into my regular haunts, though there should be copies available for the upcoming Dublin Comic Con 2019. You can easily buy a PDF copy from my Gumroad store here, or get a physical copy for €5 + postage via Paypal.Me (be sure to include shipping details and/or anticipate correspondence with your email!).

Also I’ve brought out a very limited run, mini art zine ‘Machines/Monsters’ which will be €5. It is quite literally a bound-and-stapled photocopier effort, and every cover has random metallic embellishments, so no two copies are alike! Physical copies only, so you can get one early via the Paypal link above, or wait until DCC too. Ciao for nao!

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