Review: I’m Awake, I’m Alive

Here’s a nice surprise: a comics anthology from Cork courtesy of Turncoat Press called I’m Awake, I’m Alive. (For writing’s sake, the title will be abbreviated to IAIA.) Since the other examples of comic anthologies I’ve reviewed here have been found densely around Belfast and Dublin, I for one welcome the Rebel County’s offering of local talent – […]

Review: Big Bastard #2

The first issue of Big Bastard got a favourable review on The Cool Bean last time we checked it out, and the comic was certainly due a return with an interesting premise and strong aesthetics. The creative team of McColgan and O’Driscoll have since released the second issue of Big Bastard, and the quality thankfully remains high. The eponymous […]

Review: Pantheon

Webcomics are an odd beast to review – because of the mostly free platform of the internet, one can find a infinite variety of stories and quality, for better or worse. And since many are ongoing – often over many years – it’s often hard to define how much a webcomic creator will improve their […]

Review: Velvet

The most fantastic comics (hell, even films and books in general) I’ve read instantly grab me into their world, by means of their characters, the locale, the plot – basically the main ingredients of a story, stirred up with oodles of charm and care to keep its audience hooked all the way through. Zot! and […]

Review: Half Past Danger

What else is there left to say about IDW’s creator-owned juggernaut, other than its just been released in a glorious hardback collected form? I could go ahead and interpret Half Past Danger‘s appeal in a laptop-destroying keyboard smash of spazzing and gibberish (because it’s the only apt and professional description for HPD that’s left), or […]

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