Sonic the Comic Online Special: Space Channel 5 Here’s my newest project for you all: I provided the artwork for the Space Channel 5 comic now ready to be read over at Sonic The Comic Online! It feels awesome that a project I’ve spent making art for during 2013 is finally online to the world. Enjoy the strip!

Got Comicpress to work!

And nowt a scrap of comic to post right now. Maybe soon c’:

Day Deux: The Cool Bean

Alright, so this site is barely 24 hours old, but here’s an outline of what I’m going to do next with The Cool Bean: Advertise Finn and Fish and perhaps sell PDFs/paperbacks of it here Host Project Cool Beans, my webcomic idea, in a few months time List my convention appearences for the rest of […]

Welcome to The Cool Bean!

This is the umbrella name for Finn and Fish printing and merchandise! Stay tuned as this website will feature more updates leading up to 2D Festival 2013 in Derry!

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