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Panacean is out on Comixology, courtesy of Oddlight Comics! Quoting from the product page:

Alis’s fairy-tale life takes a cruel turn when her parents leave her with an apathetic aunt who locks her away in a windowless room high above Panacea.

The young girl is not alone, though: an acerbic android named Bunny has become her de facto caretaker.

Together they escape and find themselves lost in the gleaming sprawl of the city, thrust into an odyssey that will forever change Alis’s world.

Yours truly is the lead concept artist and line artist on this project. I hope you check it out!

Countess Constance Markievicz is one of the many educational (and free!) booklets that can be read or downloaded from the Creative Centenaries website. I provided the artwork – including colouring and lettering – for this mini comic.

The Argonette is an ongoing project over at my Patreon. I’d started drawing concepts for this for quite some time, and settled on a parody of fighting game storylines but with some self-awareness. I began posting works in progress and finished pages to patrons in February 2018. The first ten pages have been made public, while the series is ongoing to patrons only.

Seven fighters, or contestants, are chosen to participate in the First Fighting Centennial Championship! The seven contestants are announced over the coming week, and the winner goes home with a cool prize! Some want to unleash their fighting spirit, others are brought out of hiding, while a few are not so willing – and two unassuming young baristas, Marina Andronika and Nancy Tamaki, don’t tolerate even entire fighting tournaments jumping the queue at their little coffee shop.

A Tear In Jean (and other Stories) is a sort of small print run, small story experiment currently ongoing. To try and get comics out more frequently by myself, I’ve stuck to a simple solution: you know when you fast forward to the best part of a song? Or a scene in a movie you’ve already seen? Those are the kind of segments I’ve chosen to draw, among even smaller one-shot stories. Make of that what you will!

Kitteenies is a small series of self contained stories, featuring three little kittens who explore and meet other characters on their adventures. Scoot is a sweet natured but energetic ginger kitten, who proves giant feats of ability. Frizzle is a timid and shy long haired kitten, and who is the most level headed of the group. Luffly is a dark and heavy set kitten, who is rather grumpy and irritable when Scoot get a ‘bright idea’. They nonetheless try to solve problems for the new friends they make.

It started as an all-ages project with a big shift in art style and presentation, and its first incarnation was a small landscape format, all colour booklet. Kitteenies sold out quickly in this form, so it was re-released as a large A4 comic with three extra new stories, with a mix of full colour and grayscale art. This second and current edition of Kitteenies is proving to be as popular as the first.

Finn & Fish is (intended to be) a light hearted and warped retelling of the legend of Finn McChumaill, a famous Irish hero, and his band of warriors called The Fianna. One of the earlier legends of Finn’s life was that as a young protege he tasted the Salmon of Knowledge by means of getting burned (at the spit his master was roasting it on). All Finn had to do was to taste his burnmark and he would have predictive knowledge of battle tactics, enemy weak spots, and so forth. He gains psychic powers on top of being super strong, super fast, and super talented.

Finn & Fish started in 2010 with a small and humble print run (the first print of issue #1 was only 30 copies) and wasn’t originally intended for subsequent issues, however it has become a deconstruction of the ‘idealistic’ tropes of Irish legend, and dumps Finn into various crapsack situations with equally crap powers (none) and company (the Salmon is now his muse and constant source of annoyance). Along with Sabh, a fan favourite for her derpy moments and overall cuteness/bizarre behaviour, Finn tackles the enemies he once fought during the legends but with some handicaps along the way, namely his sarcastic attitude and bad luck.

Finn & Fish has since earned two Arcade Awards in 2013 (Best Writer and Best Artist) over on The Arcade, two 7 Questions With… awards over on Irish Comic News (most mentioned favourite comic and author), and was a nominee for Best European Comic of 2013 in the True Believer’s Awards in 2014 (formerly the Eagle Awards).

Past Comic Work:

Jennifer Wilde: Tulpa (release date TBC): a full colour short side story featuring Atomic Diner’s mystery solving duo Jennifer Chevalier and Oscar Wilde  as they take their adventures to Nepal. Created by Robert Curley, with scriptwriting duties by Maura Mc Hugh.

Space Channel 5 vs Space Factor 9 (Dec 2013): published over on Sonic the Comic Online as a Christmas Special, this is a story based on a Sega property and follows the further adventures of Ulala, reporter for Space Channel 5! Full development work is right behind this link.

Enter: Blaze (June 2011): published over on Sonic the Comic Online in issue 255, this is based on a Sega property, explaining the origins of Blaze the Cat, a regular character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games.

Bonny Buccaneers (unpublished): part of Tokyopop‘s Pilot Program which went online in May 2008, pitched as a graphic novel aimed for children. I provided the artwork and designs.

Rose by Any Other Name (June 2006): a runner up winning entry in Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga contest, and published in Rising Stars of Manga: UK and Ireland Volume 1. Rose is one of many children engineered from flowers to help childless parents adopt easily but not without a side effect. I provided the artwork and designs.


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