Feature: Proud

A very short but striking comic, which you can read here: http://shortstories.webcomic.ws/comics/16/

Artist Alley and Panel/Workshop advice

Hey folks, I’ve just come back home from Kaizokucon yesterday after a successful weekend of selling at their Artists Alley. For Cork’s first dedicated sci-fi and anime convention, it set off to a solid start. Here’s to Kaizokucon 2015! Which brings me to finally write something that should be of use to up-and-coming artists, as […]

February News Times

Hello folks, I wanted to just get back in touch with everyone following the website and probably wondering why it’s been quiet for about a month now. Good news is that I haven’t abandoned it altogether, but there’s a few tidbits that are worthy of mention: Things Happened is on hiatus until further notice. That’s […]

Feature: Tantalus

There is at least one video game or video game console everyone has enjoyed at some time of their lives (and I am no different). And for each popular title or series, they in turn have gotten spinoffs in many mediums, from modestly successful comic books and (often animated)¬†television shows, and ‘harder to crack’ formats […]

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