Kitteenies: Luffly & Bee is out now

Pay What You Want on Gumroad, AND physical copies available! Thanks to everyone who picked up a physical copy at Forbidden Planet Dublin yesterday! Copies are also available in ReRoll Games, Navan. Kitteenies: Luffly & Bee is so brand new off the press I haven’t even begun to drop copies into my regular haunts, though […]

Panacean Reveal + Malta Comic Con!

The secret’s out! Well, it was revealed over a week ago on The Cool Bean’s Facebook page, but here we go again. I’ve been working closely with Oddlight Comics over the past few months on their first flagship comic, Panacean. This has probably been the biggest and most challenging comics project I’ve been on within […]

New year, new art, new online store!

Hello folks! I really should be updating The Cool Bean more often… anyhoo, I come bearing news! Kitteenies sold out at both Akumakon and Kaizokucon, which makes for a very positive outlook for the little comic that started as an experiment of cute appeal. And, if you’re following me on Hitbox, you can see I […]

Buying The Cool Bean Comics

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for Kitteenies and posting out issues to buyers, but in case you kind folks want to source out where to find my work, here’s a concise list of who and where to contact: Forbidden Planet DublinĀ  Sub City Comics DublinĀ  ReRoll Games, Navan Scarecrow Book And Gift EmporiumĀ  […]

Who’s ready for Thought Bubble Fest!?

                    I will be in the Marquee this weekend, at table 87! Please pop along, and pick up a copy of the new Kitteenies comic and maybe a drawing while you’re there! See you then!

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